What a year. And what a month November was and December looks to be.

Backtracking to last month – I was thrilled to sit in the audience and see Yakity Yak at The Producer’s Club. Denise Ivanoff did a superb job in both casting and directing it. The play works and I was very happy.

Likewise at the Kraine Theatre for the PGE’s Faces of America Monologue Festival. It was a moving evening and my monologue, Home, performed by David Michael Kirby, ended the evening beautifully. Again, I could not have been happier.

And although I didn’t make it to an audition, I was recommended to a young director for his grad student film, 3/5, which we shot (well, the day I worked) on Dec 1st. First time I played a character who shot someone. The person I shot was my son, so you can imagine my mindset – plus, I’m not versed or a fan of guns, so that was a huge challenge trying to be comfortable with the gun – even tho it was a prop gun – it sure looked and felt real to me. Interesting what that does to the actor when the actual weaponry is in your hands. No one died, so that was a plus! Hopeful the rushes are good – now waiting to see the rough cut. Fingers crossed it all turned out as planned. It was a very long day, but worth it.

Still have that play of mine in the hands of someone who might be the magic person to make it happen. Maybe the New Year will be the time ~ stay tuned for updates!

My love of Tango deepens and grows. It’s wonderful –  the dance, the music and people involved.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a fulfilling 2020.


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