MAY 2020

Pause. Wait.   Stay. Separate. Mask-up. Breathe. (if you can).

We are on hold. All of us. Everywhere. I think this could be the first time the world has ever been involved in something together. Kind of amazing, and hopefully, the solution will come about from a group effort that will be shared world-wide.

In the meantime, I am grateful and fortunate to be well and healthy, only hindered by house bound restrictions which makes me even more grateful for having a home to be restricted to.

Since being laid off from work, I have put the time to good use in cleaning and clearing my apartment of things I thought I never had time for, but now do. It’s a good feeling. 

The Playground Experiment has had our Volumes going on in cyber space, so I had my short play ‘The Manicure’ read last month – an interesting experiment. I have been taking ballet barre from my teacher in Chicago via Face Book and live Zoom classes which are great and weird at the same time. Lots of Feldenkrais and QiGong that I didn’t have time for before and that’s been really great. I’ve read many books, also a wonderful gift.

We’ve met for our last round of First Reads reviews, and I have my head spinning about how I want to work on ‘The Qualifiers’. This month is dedicated to writing. I also will be working more on ‘Steel Tango’. I’m thinking about each one, and since they are so different, it’s easy. Seems the way my mind works is to do something else while it brews and then I pour it onto the page. I think.

Anyway, I try to hold to the positive of this situation, since there is enough of the negative to last a decade, and hope that may in some way help.

Pause. Wait. Reflect. Breathe.


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