June 2020

Oh my. For this month my comments and thoughts will be of things that are positive and possible, for there is too much still happening that falls in other categories which fill the airwaves.

A very fun thing ~ this Saturday, June 6th 8pm EST, there will be a presentation of The Playground Experiment’s “Faces of America Monologue Festive” streaming live. This is a revival of the program we did last year at the Kraine Theatre, and my monologue was one of 29 selected out of over 130 submissions sent in. The monologues have been published as well, but this will be a re-celebration of this event in another form. I had to do two live videos of myself (a daunting task done alone!) that will be used along with all the other writers inter-spliced between the pieces. It will be presented on The PGE Youtube Channel and will be there for posterity. Yeah!

I have not been doing a lot of writing for whatever reason, but plan to sit and get to something this month as I have 3 projects before me. I do hear them calling……

What I have been doing is reading. Books that have sat on my shelf for years untouched have been opened and read. Glorious to have this luxury. I’ve also been doing Kathryn Morgan’s Ballet Barre every day, plus her other workouts for turnout and strength, etc. Finally using the barre I have here at home, and my cats are now quite used to David Plumpkin’s ballet music, and know about when I’ll be finished. They sit outside the room and watch my feet and silently laugh at me. That’s okay, I don’t mind a bit.

I’ve been listening to a lot of webinars on animal welfare, what we are doing to the Earth, and most recently and very importantly, saw a screening of an incredible film by Mark Titus called ‘The Wild’. It’s about Bristol Bay in Alaska, the last pristine place on Earth that the Trump administration is trying to have developed for mining. Specifically the Pebble Mine. If I can help get the word out so this can be stopped, that tops my list for this month and for as long as it takes. Please check out ‘The Wild’, sign petitions, donate and support. The Earth and the animals need all the help we can give them.


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