July 2020

The month has gotten away from me, but progress has been made. 

And, fortunately everyone I know, myself included, is well and healthy.

That almost seems enough to write about.

I am however, in the midst of re-formatting a play I wrote and produced 9 years ago, A SINGLE SHOT, as I am planning on submitting it to theaters around the country. It’s a journey back in time and I’m enjoying having the time to relish the memories and to be amazed at the play itself. Some things stand the passing of time and this is one of them. I hope to have good news to share in the coming months.

Time is so quixotic now. 

I am devoted to Kathryn Morgan’s Ballet Barre which I try and do as often as possible. My cat Timmy has gotten used to knowing that when grand battemants are over he gets lunch. Timmy’s approval of my barre work is something I appreciate.

Reading Walter Isaacson’s biography of Benjamin Franklin at the moment.

What a contrast to our current politics. Wish Ben could come back and help us all out, he did way more than fly a kite.


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