August 2020

The summer has hit with hot humid days that make it hard to concentrate.

Nevertheless, I have almost got A SINGLE SHOT in shape to begin submitting and that has been my focus this past month.

I have been asked to read a role in Julie Marino’s newest play CATHEXIS. 

Try saying that fast three times — it was hard for me to even say it once, but I can do it now and am excited to be part of something at the very beginning. This of course will be a zoom event, but at least Julie will get actors and words together at one time, and hopefully we will be able to help her ‘see & hear’ her words come to life. I think this will happen sometime this month, but it’s TBD.

I’m still doing Kathryn Morgan’s Barre regularly but I miss Tango and Ballroom so much. All I do is look at my shoes. 

I am hopeful this month will bring illumination ~ or at least a little something we can be glad about.


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