September 2020

I feel like I’ve been running a race or fallen down the rabbit hole, but September always brings me a sigh of relief for some reason. I’m quite certain I am not alone in the way I feel, and I hope that everyone can pause to take a breath and just enjoy the moment. We’ve made it this far.

I did Julie Marino’s reading of Cathexis, met new actors and I think it helped Julie see where she wants to take her next draft. It was fun, but working via zoom has it challenges. 

Those challenges are before me as I am doing a wonderful ‘playlet’ by Nelson Crouch entitled Terrific Mother taken from short story by Lorrie Moore. It’s a very interesting piece, somewhat surreal ~ like the atmosphere we find ourselves in at the moment. I play Adrienne, a wife at a party left adrift by her husband to fend for herself through all kinds of characters. It’s 10 short scenes, which I think will translate to about a 20 minute film. Can you call something made from zoom a film? We’ve asked ourselves that…well, anyway, that’s what I am working on now and I believe our shooting schedule will be in a week or so. We have a technical director as well as the incredible Ted Gorodetzky who is directing the piece itself. We have productions values!!

I wrote a short monologue for the Faces of America II that the Playground Experiment will be presenting in the latter part of the fall. Submitted it – now waiting to see if it’s chosen. 

Still doing Kathryn’s barre and looking at my tango shoes.

Happy it’s September. Enjoy the month.


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