October 2020

The relentless movement of 2020 continues, and we try to stay with our heads above the water.

The final cut of Nelson Crouch’s Terrific Mother is done, and thanks to our director Ted Gorodetzky, and our technical wizard Adam Vidiksis, this zoom presentation looks pretty darn good. I learned I need to buy a ring light since it looks like we may be doing more “at home zoom productions’ and proper lighting is a must. Let’s hope this little pilot is something they want to pursue, because I for one am ready for more. Especially after I get my ring light!

I will be presenting something next month at The Playground Experiment’s Volume. I’m not sure what that will be, having a few things to choose from, but now that we are all used to zooming, it’s easier deciding what material is best suited for computer cameras.

And I’m waiting to see if my monologue has been selected for the Faces of America 2. 

I have a few other thoughts buzzing around in my head (but no flies landing on it) however I don’t seem to be doing much about it. Hopefully the rest of the month may prove to be fruitful.

But you never know, it’s either a trick or a treat!



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