November 2020

Take a deep breath – that’s what I keep saying to myself. And, hold onto the light.

Okay, while the world spins I at least have some little fun things to share. Next week my short play, The Blank Page, will be read at the Playground Experiment’s Monday night Volumes # 129 by a rooster of wonderful actors. It will be interesting to see how it translates to a zoom performance, as three of the characters in it are mice, but, hey, why not?

I’ve been asked to perform one of the monologues that will be presented at the end of the month for “Faces Of America” volume 2. I have not been sent it yet, but I’m flattered to have been asked to perform. Another zoom performance but now I have my ring light!

I am thankful for the possibilities that are out there, and hope that we all can settle down soon to enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving!


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