November 2023

I’m happy to say there’s auditions to go to and it’s great to be back in person –  live  – in front of people. More fun for casting folks too – hopefully! 

Having dusted off my monologues, I hope to report a win next month, but it’s a winning feeling to be out with my fellow actors doing our thing together.

The fifth year of The Playground Experiment’s ‘Faces of America Monologue Festival’ is this month – Nov. 18th – and I have been asked to direct five of the monologues for the evening. I am looking forward to finding out who my writers and actors are and putting together these five pieces. 

Saturday, November 18th 7pm
Marjorie S. Deane Theater 
10 West 64th Street

I plan to return to The Blank Page ~ my play about the Writer with writer’s block who was helped by Jane, the mouse that lives in her apartment. I’ve had characters banging around in my head for months so I have to let them out.

And a bit of R & R to coast into Thanksgiving and reflect on all I have to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and may Peace be with us.


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