October 2017

The first week of the month has already passed me and I can’t believe it!  

Where is time going? I guess my preoccupation with ALL CATHERINE has helped me lose myself in a time warp! That being said, the jury is still out and I am waiting and exploring options that will move this play forward. Stayed tuned.  

New this month is a really fun project with playwright Julie Marino. Julie is starting a podcast-like radio show for plays (if I have that right) and I’ll be doing the first one to be broadcast, along with Paul Singleton, a wonderful actor who has been someone I’ve wanted to work with for sometime. What fun this will be. The play we are doing is PATTERN RECOGNITION ~ and the characters are Damien (Paul) and Odette (me). We are taping on the 18th and I’m not sure how long it will take to be ready to ‘air’ but by next month hopefully it will be live for all.  

I’m also waiting to hear from Page 73 Fellowship notifications, and if I made the cut. Regardless of the outcome, it was a good exercise just to apply and for that I am grateful. 

Hopeful some auditions come my way too, and then there’s getting back to class. That’s always on my to-do list!  

And of course figuring out what I will be for Halloween! This year I just might go as me!


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