The year is fast coming to a conclusion. I am happy to report we are having another reading of ALL CATHERINE next month at the Dramatists Guild’s beautiful Music Hall. This is an entirely different setting than Primary Stages and it will be interesting to see the nuances that comes with a different space and some time in between performances. And in the meantime I’m rolling around little tweaks and perhaps a line or two that needs to be said.

And just for fun this month I’m going to be doing a brand new 10 minute play written with me in mind as part of The Playground Experiment’s “Drop and Give Me 10”. This is where playwrights have certain things they have to incorporate in a 10 minute play scenario with certain actors in mind and then we, the actors, get the play and perform it that night. It’s a blast!

I’ve also been thinking about THE SWINGING NUNS and hope that the new year brings another opportunity for that play.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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