OMG it’s December!

This year has flown at a pace that doesn’t seem to be stopping, and that’s okay. On Dec. 10th, ALL CATHERINE is continuing at the Music Hall at the Dramatists Guild with another reading for invited friends. I wanted to finish out the year with another read and have new sets of ears to hear it and give feedback.  

Also waiting to hear the podcast of the play Julie Marino wrote that Paul Singleton and I recorded. Julie says it sounds great!  

In January I’m auditioning for the Hudson Warehouse so I have audition material to prepare. Also writing a short one minute monologue for The Playground Experiment’s Christmas party that’s coming up. It’s a blast! Writers do one minute monologues and actors randomly pick one, then perform on the spot for a very enthusiastic audience.   

And then there’s putting up the Christmas tree and Christmas cards, shopping for gifts, baking cookies, getting ready for Santa………………  

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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