October News

Our reading of Paul Singleton’s wonderful play A Singular Set of People was not only entertaining but educational in the best way possible. And it’s always fun to work on new work with old friends. I think Paul got a lot of inspiration and ideas, and we all look forward to his next draft.

Speaking of next drafts, I am continuing my thought process with the characters of In An Instant, and need to set aside more dedicated time. Since this play is somewhat of a mystery, I find myself thinking about it all the time but writing seems more challenging because my mind is constantly revolving the story to see how each narrative might work out. It’s interesting for me to know how I accept this kind of challenge!

Tango is an essential part of everything and people are filling up the dance floor at the milongas. I’m enjoying lessons with Marcos & Florencia ~ what wonderful dancers and teachers they are! I can tell I’ve improved.

~ Happy Halloween ~ 


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