Savoring September 

This is the beginning of my favorite time of year, and I savor every day in September.

The month is already off to a happy beginning – I’m back in acting class with Roger Hendricks Simon, and it really doesn’t seem like much time has passed since my last class with him. Fun to have an actor in Roger’s class who took Giles Foreman’s Acting Workshop too, and we are working on a scene from Hamlet, so things are off to a cracking good start.

I have a call back for a national commercial – fingers crossed – but because I had to submit a self tape and did it, I kind of feel like I already achieved something even if they go with someone else. Technology is daunting when you are in a time crunch. Ring lights, uploading files, slating yourself, submitting several takes…..phew! I did it.

The Snake didn’t make the cut for Fearfest, but I am bringing it into class and so we’ll have fun working it that way. And Our Cozy Nest is up for a festival somewhere next year, so you never know.

Tango is simmering on the back burner til the weather cools and then it’s full on for fall. A tango cruise is in the works for this month, which will be heavenly.

I can’t wait for it all!


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