It’s August!

The summer is flying by ~ it’s been fun and creative so far, here’s to that

I did finish The Snake for the Fear Fest submission, ran it by the writers in my
writer’s group, who I encouraged to submit along with me, and they did! It
was great fun to read each other’s work. Challenging doing something so
specific in such a short time, and for me, extra challenging because sci-fi
stuff is not my usual fare, but I really liked what I wrote and felt good about
getting it done and in on time. I have no idea when – or if – we’ll hear
anything, but I hope The Snake is included in the Festival.

I attended Merri Sugarman’s casting session at the SAG Foundation and it
was an enlightening evening. Merri was so genuine and really gave us all
such good information. You can hear the same things over and over, but
sometimes it does sink in with the right person saying it. Excellent casting
tips which have already helped me.

I am so happy to be able to walk into an audition room with live real people
and do a monologue or read sides in real time, right in front of them! Yahoo
for live everything in person! It’s great.

The heat is turned down outside but I want to keep my fires burning. Still
time for tango and plenty of outdoor milongas to go to. I just have to
remember to bring my old shoes, and save my good ones for the dance floors

Stay cool everyone.


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