September is ALL CATHERINE

Bottom row – Lucy McMichael, Paula Galloway, Stephanie Stone, Kathleen Moore
Top row – Frances Timberlake (Stage Manager) Matthew Menendez

Wow, this month is already a doozie with rehearsals getting down to the wire with ALL CATHERINE. We’ve been working well, and I’m excited to see this play on it’s feet – thankful for the venue of the Hudson Guild Theatre, and having more than one performance. My actors are wonderful and I have every confidence our audiences will be entertained.

September 9, 11 and 14 are our performance days.

My first draft of I’ll Meet You In Darjeeling is finished and I hope to bring the last scenes into the Playground Experiment to be read, and hope as well that I’m lucky in the Dramatist Guild’s lottery for the Friday Night Footlights in the Mary Rodgers Room so I can stage a full reading. And invite friends.

And my other great joy is Ballroom and Tango. I hope to be doing more of both and maybe even find a partner who wants to practice because it takes two to tango, foxtrot, quickstep and waltz! And maybe even find time to audition.


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