October 2019

Happy Fall! It’s been quite something to keep all the balls in the air, so to speak, and a lot of fun. 

ALL CATHERINE went on for its performances in the 2019 Summerfest Festival with good audiences and wonderful work by each cast member. I’m so very happy and proud of everyone involved. The actors: Lucy McMichael, Stephanie Stone, Kathleen Moore, Paula Galloway and Matthew Menendez, each gave such individuality and flair to their roles. Our composer, Frank J Oteri created music that was not only was perfect, but gave the smoothest transitions from scene to scene, which helped the overall aura of the play. Our stage manager Francis Timberlake was a steady rock. The perfect person you need to keep everyone on track and calm. The Hudson Guild Theatre is a lovely place to work. My only sorrow was we had so few performances, but things are still cooking, so stay tuned. 

I have a short play of mine included in the Thais Short Play Festival coming up this November. I don’t really know too much about the group, but they are doing my play, so I’m thrilled. It’s called YAKITY YAK. Short plays are an unusual animal. I like going to evenings where you see 5-6 short pieces. The trick is to really get a full beginning – middle – end in 10 pages…not so easy. I’m excited to see who they cast and how it goes. 

Auditions are forefront now along with more Ballroom and Tango. And back to regular voice lessons with Mary Rodgers my voice teacher. 

Oh, and deciding who I’ll be for Halloween!


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