April 2021

Moving ahead with my audiobook narration class with Elise Arsenault, and learning so much. There’s a lot to acquaint myself on the technical end, but the actual vocals I am very comfortable with. It’s a new world however, and I am excited to dive in as deep as I can, hopeful in a few months to be recording for audio book writers.

Continuing on with edits for The Qualifiers, and tonight is my writers group who will hear the last three scenes of the play. Then, after their feedback, I will go back and start re-writes. I have to be in the right frame of mind though…not sure why I sometimes resist this very important part, but truth be told I do…until I break down or break through past ideas and go into new uncharted territory, which I hope happens.

I am also trying to self tape my monologue that I did for the performance of Caytha Jentis’ Women Warriors. Again, technical ability is what keeps me lagging, but I need to conquer this, so that’s on my April ‘to-do’ list. Once I do that, I will be up on YouTube for all to see!

And funnily enough, my episodes of The Blank Page have been hitting home with friends, several whom have recounted their own personal mice stories, so I think I’m on to something and will continue writing them as long as the ideas keep coming.

Happily Spring is here, bringing much needed sunshine and brightness ~ go enjoy it!


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