May 2021

It’s May!

The lovely month of May, when the anticipation of warm days and bright sunshine befall us. And those tulips!

Color everywhere!

So this spring giddiness makes it hard to circle in and settle down but as I am enjoying this effervescence of spirit I am still forging forward, albeit slowly, with my narration class. 

I was one of the writers for the PGE’s ‘Drop and Gimme 10” play night and began a rather interesting piece titled ‘As Yet, Unfinished’ which may or may not live up to the title. I feel I have a number of completed drafts of several plays sitting, waiting for me to re-imagine parts of them, deconstruct some of them and in general, give them all some polishing, so to start something brand new isn’t what I was planning, but then who knows? Anyway, it was fun to write for this event and I’m glad I did.

Looks like theaters are opening up so hopefully there will be more to talk about next month. I am still planning on self-taping my monologue from the Women Warriors program, which has been left over from last month. I will do it, and get it to Caytha and up on YouTube.

That’s it for now. Go out and enjoy the sunshine!


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