June is Busting Out All Over!

I’m directing a play that opens June 10th in front of a live audience! What a pleasure this is, and I am doing a teeny tiny role as well. My writer friend Dave Malouf’s play “Waiting For Go” was selected as one of the plays for The Players Short Play Festival at the Steve and Marie Sgouros Theatre at 115 MacDougal Street in New York City. It’s a three week festival and we are slated for the first week. Oh Joy! Performing in front of real live people and having that one on one experience of togetherness. I love to direct, so this is a real gift.

I’m making progress in my AudioBook Adventure and feeling more confident in the technical aspects. That’s the challenge for me, and affording the equipment, to be honest. My narration skills are good and I’m ready to go on that end but need to be more versed technically, so I will persevere.

My ideas for The Blank Page keep coming and getting good responses – even the suggestion of Disney, Pixar, and things like that, so I will keep going with the mice and The Writer. And it’s fun too.

I joined Ken Davenports TheatreMakers and am becoming ensconced with all kinds of production possibilities so hopeful with the little foray this month at The Players, things will really open up.

And my full length play Steel Tango is still with a famous (can’t divulge who yet) person who now may open it up and read it, so who knows where that could lead.

Lots of possibilities for June and the summer ahead.

I intend to enjoy it all!


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