Joyous July

I say Joyous July, because June was so spectacular, I want to keep the energy going the rest of the year!

Directing Dave Malouf’s play “Waiting for Go” for The Players Short Play Festival was wonderful. I had excellent actors; Jeffrey Vause, David Michael Kirby and Chris Rothbauer, and I did a small role, so I’m including myself (as Georgina Swell) in that accolade as well. It was thrilling to be back in the theatre – actually back in the theatre – rehearsing and then performing live before real people who had real reactions and energy. Not to mention being in the same space as your fellow actor.

I’m still feeling the thrill! And everyone was so happy. It was such a gift from start to finish. Then we got this……

Drumroll please…

Congratulations to David Malouf and the cast of Waiting For Go! The audience voted and your play is the winner of best play for Week 1! Special recognition goes out to Director Marina Barry and the cast, Jeffrey Vause as Charlie, Chris Rothbauer as Nick, David Michael Kirby as The Button, and Georgina Swell as Diana! 

Congrats to all of the Week 1 playwrights and participants! It was a phenomenal way to kick off the festival and be back to live theatre. You guys brought in great audiences and made magic on stage!

Then I took an incredible Audio Book workshop with Christa Lewis through the Sag-Aftra Foundation and that was amazing. I am still working with my Audio Book Adventures with Elise and Justin too, so I am immersing myself in as much as I can. This is a case of More is Better!!

I am determined to work through my next edit of The Qualifiers – which now has been re-titled Stripes, and I plan to have that completed by the end of August if not sooner.

Also continuing on more of The Blank Page mainly because it’s so much fun, and the characters keep talking to me!

I am also now part of Ken Davenport’s Theatre Makers and that is propelling me to get my other plays out to rep companies and anyone who would be interested. It’s a great group of energizing people getting their projects off the ground, so all I have to do is hang on to that energy to take off! 

I am so excited for July!


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