August 2021

Summer is chugging long and so am I. 

I hear the train whistle from my apartment and it keeps me honest.

Dedication to staying the course on things I have begun, which for me gets tricky, because it’s hard work. 

Not that I mind working hard, I enjoy it, but the rush of inspiration leads into dedication to story and characters that needs careful tending. Sometimes I have to be satisfied with a few sentences of dialog for a day’s work. So I dedicate August to the cultivation of story lines and character development.

In addition, Tango has sprung back to life! Milongueros, milongueras, danced to beautiful music, sometimes live, with incredible Tango dancers from Argentina as definite show stoppers. It’s wonderful to be able to dance again. 

My audiobook journey continues, albeit a slower pace than I expected, but that’s due to my need to hone more technical skills. I know I have the ability to read and convey a story, but the now present need to produce a finished product is something I need help with, so I am going slowly. it’s okay, I’ll get there.

So this month I am spotlighting my work on The Blank Page and Stripes, and hope I will be able to report next month I had success with both scripts!


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