March 2021

A year ago, March 9th, was a public reading of my play The Qualifiers. It was the last public reading The Playground Experiment had.

For all of us, this has been some year, but I am going to focus on the year ahead. 

Thanks to my writing group which meets twice a month, I am currently working on another draft of The Qualifiers and trying to think up a new title. Titles are either immediately wonderful or extremely convoluted, forcing the writer to have understudy titles and apologize for them. I actually like the title The Qualifiers, it’s just that it doesn’t harmonize with what the play is about as well as it should. I will keep at it.

I am also continuing to work on more episodes in The Blank Page. It’s fun and exciting, and I’m not sure what I have but who cares, I’m enjoying myself writing about this situation. A different format, maybe children’s theatre, I do not know quite how to categorize it, nevertheless, I shall keep going and see what I come up with.

Getting back on track with my desire to do audiobooks, and I realize that was something I was in the middle of pursuing but somehow got sidetracked. 

Still doing Kathryn Morgan’s barre.

Spring is almost in the air! Happy St Patrick’s Day!


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