February 2021

It’s snowing. I like it. You can catch your breath when you are in the middle of a storm and you are inside.

Now I have no excuse not to get on with my projects – one of them being a new ‘installment’, as I call it, for The Blank Page – something I thought would be a very short little stand on it’s own play – but I keep getting these ideas….so I am going to continue to write but not in a typical linear style. We shall see what comes out.

Also, and mainly because of Daniel’s writers group, I am into edits and thoughts about The Qualifiers having had great feedback and interesting ideas from the other writers. Exactly what I needed.

Nelson sent another of his plays – 3 scenes to be exact – his John Updike piece that he has been revising. We had one rehearsal and then did the reading for Nelson. What an interesting piece. I played the woman friend besotted by John’s brilliance, not even thinking his ideas may have come from his wife. I look forward to reading a finished full draft. It’s a great way to keep sharp with new dialogue and make big choices that come from the gut, and a lot of fun to work with friends who are not in NYC. Okay, thank you Zoom. Our acting chops remain alive.

Still doing Kathryn’s barre as much as possible. Missing tango and ballroom like crazy, and I know Danielle Quisenberry and her ‘Q Dancers’ are raring to go too, so hopeful it won’t be too long until we can partner up to waltz, fox trot and quickstep.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Keep your heart open.


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