January 2021

Thank goodness. 

We have turned the page, and although it’s been scary, I am hopeful for a positive year ahead.

Last month ended with a reading of one of Nelson Crouch’s new plays, and I played Molly – this political chameleon who was kind of a surprise – it was lots of fun, and a blast to reunite with Ted Gorodetzky, Daniel Neer and Evangelia Kingsley. We are a really fun quartet, and I hope we can do more together this year.

The PGE’s holiday zoom party was also fun, tho weird to party on zoom, but nevertheless we did, and my monologue “Rezzzzolutions” (I may just now have added some more z’s to the title) was read wonderfully by Laurel Lockhart. I was so happy – and it was read last and really capped off the evening.

I am working on another draft of ’The Qualifiers” – can’t wait to find a new title, but for now that’s it, and plan to keep bringing it into our writers workshop. I’ve already had the first three scenes read and gotten feedback, so I am pondering on how to re-think some things. I also just ordered Stephen Kings book “On Writing”. Hopefully it will help.

Jordan Lee, the director of the film ‘3/5’ I did last year, sent rough cuts and I haven’t looked at all of them yet, but what I have seen looks good. I am anticipating an interesting final cut. First time I’ve ever had to use a gun in a film and it was scary – even tho the gun wasn’t real, it looked and felt real to me. Playing characters like that are interesting and a bit off my normal casting. Good for me!

Back to trying to do Katherine Morgan’s ballet barre at least 4 times a week, and renewing a healthy outlook.

That’s all we can really do for each other.

Happy and Healthy 2021


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