Happy 2016!

I feel like I am late in blogging the first month of the new year but it still feels so fresh that I don’t care. A new year is a wonderful thing, and I don’t know about you, but I am very happy to leave 2015 in the past and look forward to happy, creative possibilities.

Right off the bat I just found out my play, The Swinging Nuns, was chosen to be in the upcoming Emerging Artists Festival in March. Yipee! And I will be directing a wonderful new play called Scratch by Kevin Hauver, at the end of February. Details on both to follow as soon as I find out more.

My buddy Charles Nuckolls has a few creative and exciting projects I will be part of, so this year looks to be starting out fun. May it continue and grow into even more possibilities.

Before Christmas I was part of the Dramatists Guild Dramatist – Director Exchange and that was an excitingly creative interchange. I met some great writers and directors and who knows what can come from a cup of coffee and a chat?

So hello 2016. I welcome it all!


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