Happy New Year

David Malouf’s play What Say You Boson Q was chosen to be one of 15
short plays in The Player’s Theatre LUV Festival and I’m directing…and
doing the voice of Boson Q. I have wonderful actors to work with and
we are already in rehearsal. The show dates are Thursday - Sunday
February 9 - 12th. 7pm showtime Thursday, Friday & Saturday and 3pm
on Sunday.

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November 2022

This month I hope to finish this fourth, (or is it fifth?) draft of In An Instant. I’m having a fun, frustrating, interesting time trying to work the story line out, and while I’m not there quite yet, I feel I will realize the resolution before too long. I’m enjoying the discoveries and trying not to panic!

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October News

Our reading of Paul Singleton’s wonderful play A Singular Set of People was not only entertaining but educational in the best way possible. And it’s always fun to work on new work with old friends. I think Paul got a lot of inspiration and ideas, and we all look forward to his next draft.

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September 2022

I feel like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, “I’m late, I’m late…” but time continues to elude me.

Nevertheless, this month I look forward to being part of Paul Singleton’s reading of his new play ‘A Singular Set of People’ on the 25th. Paul has worked on this piece and we all are anxious to help bring it to life.

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July 2022

The year is flashing by - but things are happening. Even in the heat and humidity.

Our performances of Scratch went well and I only wish we had a few more because the actors were so good. It was gratifying for me as a director to see the work take shape and fly. Also, it was the first time I had done lights, which was scary for me, even though it was just fade in and out, nevertheless it was stressful till I did it a few times. I have new respect for the technical talent that helps create our shows. It definitley requires that certain ‘something’.

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June is Busting Out All Over

We open SCRATCH in the New York Theatre Festival this month and have 3 performances - June 14, 15, and 18, at Teatro Latea, 107 Suffolk St, on the lower east side. The theatre space is nice and the neighborhood is trendy. 

And SCRATCH is good! It’s been a blast rehearsing with these actors and their work is exceptional.

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It’s May!

And a lovely month it is. I am well into rehearsing Kevin Hauver’s interesting and arresting play Scratch with 4 dynamic actors, Kevin being one of them, joined by Luke Hofmaier, KoDee Martin and Chris Rothbauer. We are working in an unusual way too, since we have not the usual time crunch, we’re spreading things out and letting the play ‘seep’ into being.

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April 2022

Happy Spring! Lots to report and to look forward to. Pride & Prejudice closed on a high note of cast excellence and audience adulation. I’ve never enjoyed a cast so much ~ everyone was uniquely suited to their role, and performed it so well. Hudson Classical Theatre Company was wonderful to work with, and I look forward to another opportunity to do so.

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